Supplemental Benefits

There was a time, when supplemental benefits were just a value add. Nowadays with higher deductibles than ever, they are becoming a necessity. Over half of all claims are under $4000.00 which is below many deductibles. Meaning that in many cases, 100% of that falls on you and your employees. In cases where major injuries or sickness occurs, these benefits can also be used as pay check protection, to pay bills. With wellness benefits built into these plans provide even more value, by promoting pro-activity for preventative care.

Accident, Cancer, Hospital

These plans can be extremely valuable to you in the event of injury or sickness. Whether it be an injury, critical illnesses, and hospitalization these plans have low costs with very rich benefits, that can help cover first dollar out of pocket costs.

Group Life insurance

Life insurance can be very complicated for both the employer and the employee. We provide solutions that meets you and your employees needs. We offer both group rated employer paid, as well as the best voluntary life insurance in the market.

Short & Long Term Disability

Disability insurance is one of the most popular benefits protecting loss of income due to sickness or injury. Coverage options for short term and long term disability that is tailored to meet your immediate needs.

Custom tailored to fit your needs

To provide exceptional value to you and your family, we represent the top partners to offer the best products available. Some of those partners include Allstate Benefits, Colonial, Unim, Teledoc, and many others. We believe as benefit advisors that being a one stop shop for all supplemental benefits means one consistent point of contact as well as client advocacy.

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