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We offer tailor made employee benefit packages that combine out of the box thinking utilizing innovative strategies. With skyrocketing costs, the status quo may not be the best option for your business or employees. Our team has over 60 years combined experience. Our back office has a full time dedicated staff to meet every need possible. So you can rest assured  you are getting the absolute best. We specialize in self funding, Self Funded, Level Funded, HRA, HSA, FSA, DPC, population management, human resources, and providing the additional resources to meet your companies needs. Not only are we a change agent, we offer turn key custom tailored benefit packages that suit your needs. We get you results fixing your bottom line. Period.

Group Major Medical

Specializing in self funding. In order to better assist you in this role, we have several different cost containment/risk mitigation high performance healthcare solutions regarding your health plan that will allow us to prove the value of our services to substantially reduce your healthcare plan spend. Not only that, we are on the cutting edge of re creating  how healthcare is delivered. Going back to the basics. Quality care.

Healtcare Disruptors

With the out of control costs of HC, something has to give. Most of these costs are hidden as part of what we call the healthcare cartel. Part of of what we do is so far out of the box, to most, but really is just uncovering the hidden corruption of our HC system. Why is our insurance being billed $2500 for MRI's when I can get them for $200. Why does a hip replacement cost a $100k, when medicare only pays roughly $15k. We know exactly why and how to fix it!

Supplemental Benefits

There was a time, when supplemental benefits were just a value add. Between high deductibles and high premium, they are becoming a safety net for your employees. Strategically implementing these products can reduce or even eliminate exposure to you and your employee's. Not only that, 80% of all claims are under $4000.00

Human Resource Services

We specialize one on one benefit communication and employee handbooks streamlining enrollments. Making sure that the needs of every employee is met. We offer a host of add on solutions like consolidated billing. All carriers into one itemized bill. We handle compliance reporting, of section 125, cobra, and medicare as well as all necessary forms.

Population Management

Human capital management is based on  is a "set of practices related to people resource management, or populations management. The point is to provide support for personnel administration, benefits admin, payroll, and HR support. Most importantly education. It is still shocking to know that many people still do not understand healthcare, how it works, or what it costs. Even more so, that they have options.


Incentive Driven Benefits

Attracting & retaining top talent is challenging. Offering benefits alone, may be not enough to recruit the top talent you need to meet your goals. Therefore we help you implement custom tailored benefit packages that are not solely product based. Measurable earned benefits that increase competition and productivity. Our goal is for you to work on your business not inside your business.

Enrollment Solutions

Implementing and enrolling your employees in benefits can be a daunting task. Every year, it can be a huge drain on resources, where they can be better served working on your business. We offer enrollment solutions for employers of any size. Utilizing our seasoned en-rollers and technology platforms we efficiently enroll and educate your employees at time of benefit elections; empowering them to make choices that best fit their needs. As your strategic partner we provide you peace of mind, that your employees will be in good hands with our staff.


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No two businesses are the same, therefore we provide custom tailored coverage's that fit your personal needs. We never sacrifice our INTEGRITY for financial gain, and we are HONEST in everything we do. We do not sacrifice our INTEGRITY for financial gain, and we are HONEST in everything we do.