Defined Contribution Plans

Defined contribution plans our becoming increasingly popular for employers who want more predictability on their healthcare spend. Currently the status quo is typically what is called a defined benefit plan.


With increases in premium year over year, employers are looking for a solution to control cost. Thus allowing the employees to have more control on the benefits they chose. Allowing the employer to stay out of the decision making process. Also eliminates the one size fits all benefit offerings. Where as with a defined benefit plan may be 50% of the major medical, leaving many with no added benefits.


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HRA Plans

HRA plans, are employer funded medical reimbursement plans which are called health reimbursement accounts. These accounts or arrangements are approved by the IRS, that have a tax advantage for employer-funded accounts that can be used to pay for medical expenses or health benefits premiums.


HRA's are not health insurance but merely an account that the employer makes a set amount of contributions to the employees account to be used to pay for expenses or choose personal benefits. HRA's are highly beneficial for small businesses as well.

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