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Shawn Pruner

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Shawn Pruner

Shawn Pruner

Shawn Pruner

Shawn Pruner



Shawn Pruner has always been a huge family guy! Having come from a large family with so many uncles, cousins, and the best grandparents on the planet. He realizes, not everyone gets to experience that.

Having 2 teenagers, and one 21 yr old, his kids are his most proudest accomplishment. Anyone who truly knows him, will tell you the sun rises and sets with his boys.

About Shawn Pruner

Born in Irie, Pa. Shawn Pruner only spent 2 months of his life until his parents moved to the west coast. It was there he spent his child hood bouncing around California, and Washington State until moving to Florida 17 years ago. Growing up, he experienced so many places, cultures, people, as well as hobbies. From Surfing, Snowboarding, BMX, to his biggest passion Music. One thing you can bet, is that he will try absolutely anything. Living life as large as possible, and having fun. He will always be a big kid.

As for music, there is a pic floating around, at like age 2 dragging around his a guitar in a diaper. For years music was always in his ear. Still does his best work with the music loud. His Dad, played guitar, and he would dabble, until 12, when his dad bought him a cheap, Fender Strat copy. Guitar stuck, and he was writing songs on the spot. Never have takin' any lessons, he learned watching MTV. "People used to ask what song was that, and I would say, my own. They would say "it sounds like this song I heard on the radio". That was pretty humbling". Shawn says.

In 2007 he started to hit the studio for the first time, recording his EP, which turned into a 9 song CD.

Since he has opened for Creedence Cleawater, Blackberry Smoke, Confederate Railroad, and many more shows doing original music. Below is a link to one of his songs that is on Itunes, Google Play, and Spotify!


Check out link to Shawn's music on some of the major outlets like Google Play, Itunes, etc.

Lost Highway - Google Play

Lost Highway album - Itunes

Lost Highway - Spotify

Lost Highway - Youtube

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